Established in 1996, Brandon Consulting has evolved into a highly reputable technology solutions organization and has gained a reputation for quality, reliability and value among its clients across the US.

With an eye on quality, we have attracted, recruited and retained exceptional talent from both local and overseas markets. Candidates undergo stringent screening processes to ensure the highest standards in quality, both technical and personal.

Experts in the skills and technologies you need, knowledgeable in your industry

From systems analysts to database administrators, our recruits represent the world's experts in current, high-demand and/or obscure technology platforms. Brandon Consulting is committed to providing high quality, value–added services to fit our clients’ needs and surpass their expectations. We are committed to our employees also, offering ongoing training and development, which directly impacts our clients by providing staff that keeps up with ever-changing technologies.

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“I enjoy being part of the BCA team. They know me and understands my skill set and future goals. They found me a position that challenges me and keeps my interest and they offer me support throughout the process.”
— BCA-placed employee